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The SONOACE R5 is designed to provide you not only the diagnostic functions, but also the great user convenience. Ergonomic design, improved user interface and the quality of its everyday functions, such as QuickScan™, FSI™, and THI, will enable you to extend your diagnostic boundaries while enjoying a more comfortable working environment.....

More convenient and comfortable working environment

The SONOACE R5 is a slim and compact ultrasound system, featuring ergonomic design. The lift-able control panel, front and rear handles and lightweight system make the SONOACE R5 move easily and be used in any situation. The improved user interface and customizable menus provide the high quality of working environment.

More practical capabilities for ultrasound diagnosis

The SONOACE R5 ultrasound system provides versatile performance for its compact design. The various measurement packages and the advanced user interface performance deliver quick and easy observation. Full Spectrum Imaging™ is one of the imaging features which gives improved images to help users for better diagnosis.