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Critical care today is confronted with a widening gap between demand and supply (Angus 2000). In addition, patient safety has become a global priority in the past decade (Chan 2012). As a result, many clinicians are under pressure to provide a higher quality of care to an increasing number of complex patients with limited resources. As a specialized manufacturer of ventilation solutions, Hamilton Medical strives to support clinicians facing these challenges.
To face these challenges, since 1983 Hamilton Medical has been developing intelligent ventilation solutions that provide safer care for critically ill patients and make life easier for the people who care for them. Today, Hamilton Medical is a leading manufacturer of critical care ventilation solutions for a wide variety of patient populations, applications, and environments.
Inspired by a discussion with a NASA physician about the future of medicine, Steve Hamilton, one of the company owners, developed the vision of a “Ventilation Autopilot” – an intelligent ventilator that increases patient safety and reduces clinicians’ workload, but leaves the clinician in command. Around this time, Swiss engineer Josef Brunner was working at NASA to develop an automated ventilator for an ICU in the International Space Station. When the project was cancelled, Brunner returned to Switzerland and was hired by Hamilton to head the research and development team for the “Ventilation Autopilot”.